Symplicity (Denver Law Careers Online)

Symplicity (Denver Law Careers Online) is the CDO’s main system. It is used for job search, employer research, On Campus …

This includes the Career Development Handbook and several of our favorite online resources

Judicial Clerkship Timeline

Timeline for suggested steps to take throughout your 1L, 2L and 3L years at DU Law


Glassdoor provides a look inside companies including company reviews, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, in addion to job postings.


Video tape your interview answers and share it with others to get feedback. Forward to a career coach, professor, advisor, …

Appointment Scheduling

With Vault’s new “Career Insider” you can find expanded information about different career paths, companies, industries, internships, interviewing, resumes and …

International Development Jobs - ABA ROLI

Use this page to find international opportunities with the ABA Rule of Law Initiative.