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Career Paths for Young Attorneys in the Energy Sector

Join the Institute for Energy Law and the University of Houston Law Center for a Law School Symposium Co-Hosted by the University of Houston Law Center.

This is an annual event, free of charge for students. Students and recent graduates interested in working …

By Sarah Dewar
Sarah Dewar
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How You Can Prepare for the Future of Law

The legal profession is changing.

“Bill Gates once said that we always overestimate the change that will happen in two years, and underestimate the change that will happen in 10 years.”

Slaw, Canada’s online legal magazine, featured an article entitled “Perspectives …

By Sarah Dewar
Sarah Dewar
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“Steps to Building a Sustainable Career” begins with YOU

As lawyers and law students, we have welcomed the problems of others. We are protectors, guides, counselors, and trusted allies. It is easy to feel the pressure of responsibility and delight of successfully advocating for someone else’s needs.

However, to …

By Jessica Cordero
Jessica Cordero
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Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you all! In celebration of this wonderful day, I present to you… Jedi Eric Bono? Princess Eric Bono?

Feel free to stop by the CDO and take your picture with Chewbacca or Darth Vader!

By Lindsey Vargas
Lindsey Vargas Profile Picture
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Succeeding in OCI

Because of the competitive nature of the OCI process, many think of it as daunting. It isn’t. Simplifying things and being true to yourself will take you a long way. There are two things to keep in mind to improve your …

By Tony Arias
Tony Arias
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BHFS and Ronan Summer 2017 Fellowship Programs – Now Accepting Applications Until 1/30

Hello 2L students,

The below Fellowship Programs are accepting applications until Monday, Jan. 30.

The Ronan Summer 2017 Fellowship Program is available to any 2L/3LE JD student at Denver Law, but preference is given to those with a strong interest …

By Stefanie Carroll
Stefanie Carroll Director of Strategic Initiatives at Denver Law
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How Social Media is Impacting Law Students

Graduates are grappling with their presence while navigating an increasingly competitive job market.

By John G. Browning via D Magazine

They were the sort of offensive, cringeworthy online posts that one might expect to see on a teenager’s Facebook page. …

By Lindsey Vargas
Lindsey Vargas Profile Picture
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DBA Member Highlight: Jamie H. Hubbard

Meet Jamie H. Hubbard!

1. Why did you become a lawyer?
Because my liver would not have survived if I continued in my chosen profession of bartending. And I like intellectual challenges.

2. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been …

By Vanessa Babarsky
Vanessa Babarsky Membership Marketing Manager
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When You Can Vote for Your Boss

Every election cycle, a large number of individuals receive a new boss. While the majority of those people seeing a fresh face in the corner (or oval) office are legislative staff members or aides, many attorneys will also have an opportunity to …

By Patrick Sweet
Patrick Sweet Treasurer
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Raising the Bar: A Conversation with DBA YLD Chair Klaralee Charlton

By Jessica Volz

For Klaralee Charlton, perhaps nothing could be more thrilling than becoming chair of the Young Lawyers Division (YLD) during the Denver Bar Association’s 125th anniversary — a year made all the more significant by the fact that never …

By Jessica A. Volz
Jessica A. Volz Communications and Marketing Strategist
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