Fall Externship Opportunities with US Air Force JAG Corps

Participating in our fall externship (unpaid) program is a great way for students to gain hands-on legal experience in diverse legal practice areas while learning more about the Air Force JAG Corps. The program lasts for 14-16 weeks during the fall semester, and students can work either part time or full time according to their schedules. Placement opportunities are available at locations across the country, and we will coordinate with students to place them in an office that
works best for them.

This summer externs from the Joint Base Andrews and JACQ (Acquisition, Fiscal, and Litigation) offices had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a training demonstration with Security Forces military working dogs. We do our best to ensure that externs are given insight into the military lifestyle to help them determine whether the Air Force JAG Corps will be a good fit for them.  Air Force JAG Corps Social Media

Please encourage your interested students to follow our various social media pages. Not only will it help them gain insight into the AFJAGC, but we also post information about upcoming application windows and deadlines.
Instagram: @airforcejagcorps
Facebook: facebook.com/USAFJAG
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/afjag/
Twitter: @USAFJAGCorps

By Karen Mitchell
Karen Mitchell