Sep 1 & Sep 9: Lunch & Learn – EPA Office of Regional Counsel

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8 (Denver) will be holding Lunch & Learn meetings about what it’s like to work in the Office of Regional
Counsel and detailing upcoming opportunities for law students and recent graduates to join our group of EPA attorneys. We have attached calendar invites for
the two Lunch & Learn meetings—Sept. 1st at 11am and Sept. 9th at 2pm (mountain time)—which will include panels of EPA Region 8 attorneys discussing their
work; information about spring, summer, and fall clerkships and the Honors Attorney Fellowship Program; and ample time for questions. The Lunch & Learn
meetings will be held as video calls on the Teams application, with call in information available. Below, we’ve also included links with more information about
upcoming opportunities and attached a 1-page flyer summarizing the work we do for any students who are interested but unable to attend the Lunch & Learn

  • Legal Internships with the EPA Region 8 Office of Regional Counsel

  • EPA Region 8 works to protect human health and the environment in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming, and on the 27
    reservations in our Region. The Office of Regional Counsel at the U.S. EPA Region 8 has both a general counsel practice focused on client counseling, and a
    civil and criminal enforcement practice. Our practice areas include all major federal environmental laws (including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act,
    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, CERCLA, etc.), a significant focus on Indian law, and administrative law and general law (such as employment,
    contract and information law).

  • Our legal interns and externs work directly with Office of Regional Counsel attorneys in their capacity as counselors to the Regional Administrator, senior
    regional managers, and regional policy and technical staff on enforcement matters as well as provide counsel on the application of environmental statutes,
    regulations, case law, and policies. Legal intern assignments typically include legal research and writing legal memoranda concerning the practice areas
    listed above. Legal interns often have the opportunity to observe and participate in client meetings and legal briefings, and typically produce a writing sample
    in the course of their internship or externship.

  • Deadlines for applications are the 15th of November (for summer internships), 15th of April (for fall externships), and the 15th of October (for spring
    externships) of each year.

  • For more information, visit:

Honors Attorney Fellowship Program

  • ORC also offers an Honors Attorney Fellowship Program for recent law school graduates with excellent academic credentials and a strong interest in
    environmental law. The Honors Attorney Fellowship is a temporary, two-year position that begins in January 2022. Under the supervision of senior attorneys,
    Honors Attorney Fellows have the opportunity to work on enforcement cases, counsel clients on the interpretation of environmental laws and regulations,
    and participate in legal briefings. Though the Honors Attorney Fellowship is a temporary position, Fellows are occasionally converted to permanent attorney
    positions with the Region 8 Office of Regional Counsel.

  • Information about how to apply will be posted to the EPA’s website ( soon.

By Office of Career Development and Opportunities
Office of Career Development and Opportunities