AUG/Fall 2021 On-Campus Interviews: Dates & Deadlines

The OCI Fall 2021 Session (AUG OCIs) is now open and accessible for students to log in and view the employers registered thus far. New employers may continue to register, and employers already registered may add additional info to their posting at any time. So … check the OCI site on Symplicity regularly for employer updates! 40 private and public sector employers registered thus far! Watch for emails and Blog updates before the OCI application deadline on JULY 12.

 * Important Note: You must have your rising class year (2L, 3LE/PT, 3L) listed in your Symplicity profile in order to see the employers applicable to you! To change your profile in Symplicity, go to the My Account section (“Academic Info”); make and save the change, log out, and log back in. Once updated and logged in, go to the OCI Tab, then Scheduling, then select the FALL 2021 Session from the drop-down to see the list of employers. Click the Review button to the left of each to view the posting and more information, including their current OCI date for initial interviews.


Below are key dates/deadlines, action items, and OCI related events. Please reach out to us in the CDO for help in updating your resume with your summer job and latest grades, drafting your cover letters, discussing OCI and specific employers, finalizing your applications in July, and preparing for interviews.


  • JUNE 21, 4:30-5:30 pm:  OCI Connection networking event (Virtual)
  • JUNE 22, 8:00-9:00 am:  OCI Connection networking event (Virtual)
  • JUNE 30, Noon-1:00 pm: OCI Prep Session (Materials & Interviews)
  • JULY 7, 9:00 am:  Send materials to CDO counselors for review/edits by this date, ahead of submission deadline**
  • JULY 12, 11:59 pm MTDEADLINE to submit your OCI applications online through Symplicity for OCI Session FALL 2021. No exceptions or late submissions. More instructions on application submission/logistics will be provided later in June. Do not submit applications yet!
  • JULY 20, 4:00-5:30 pm:  OCI Employer Expo (Virtual) – Hold the date! More details to come.
  • JULY 29:  Mock Interview Day (various times) – Watch for schedule and sign-up coming soon.
  • AUGUST 2:  OCIs Begin – All first-round interviews will be held virtually. The first two weeks of August will be the busiest, with multiple employers on each day. Employers may schedule an initial OCI through the end of August.
  • AUGUST – SEPTEMBER:  2nd Round (Callback) Interviews (may be virtual or in-person, at employer discretion)

**If you would like the CDO to review your OCI materials before you submit, please email your materials to a counselor by 9:00 am on WED, July 7, or sooner, to allow time for us to get these back to you for final editing. NOTE: If you send to multiple counselors, please copy all of us on the same email, so we don’t duplicate efforts at this busy time; one of us will get back to you!

      ACTION ITEMS / Now – July 12:

  • Research participating employers / prioritize employers of interest.
  • Update resume and begin drafting tailored cover letters; prepare writing sample.
  • Meet with CDO counselors to discuss process and review materials.
  • PRE-CRUITMake 1×1 networking connections with employers of interest and with upper-level students (contact the CDO for help with connecting!). Employers are increasingly connecting with students ahead of OCI (and, may initiate an early interview).
  • Attend OCI Prep and Networking EventsSee dates below for OCI Connection events, OCI Prep Session, OCI Employer Expo, and Mock Interview Day!
  • Out-of-State Employers:  Apply to out-of-state employers not participating in our OCI sooner than later; set up appointment with CDO to discuss and for assistance.
By Gayle Keahey
Gayle Keahey Director of External Relations