Apply Now for Rural DA Fellowship Program!

Class of 2021! Applications for the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council (DA) Fellowship Program are now open.

Have you been looking for a chance to help a community? Have you been hoping for a chance to hone your trial skills before settling in behind a desk? Are you willing to get that chance while enjoying the more interesting and unique rural communities of Colorado for a year? If so, the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council Fellowship Program may be for you.

Graduating law students will have the opportunity to work as Deputy District Attorneys practicing in rural jurisdictions for one year at full starting salary for that district.  This program is a unique cooperative project funded by the Colorado General Assembly through the Colorado Department of Higher Education with significant financial and in kind contributions of CU Law, DU law and CDAC pursuant to Senate Bill 14-174.

See Symplicity Job #24883 for more details. Application deadline:  Friday, May 21, 2021. 2 positions are available for DU graduates in the class of 2021 (to be eligible, you must have received or will receive your J.D. between 9/1/20 and 8/30/21).

Dates of employment:  August 23, 2021-August 23, 2022 – one year fellowship.

Prior fellows have frequently continued careers as prosecutors after the fellowship.

Duties:  The same court, trial and prosecution experience of any first year assistant district attorney.

Salary: Standard starting salary for the jurisdiction where the “fellow” is placed.

As part of the program, any applicant who accepts a fellowship under this program shall be assigned to serve as a Deputy District Attorney under the direct supervision of one of the Elected District Attorneys around the state for a period of one year. Prior to heading to their assigned jurisdictions, Fellows will receive a full week prosecution, Trial Practice Course jointly provided by CDAC, DU Law and CU Law as part of their placement training. Each Fellow will receive a salary and benefit package commensurate with the starting employment package for their district. All placement locations will be decided solely by the Prosecution Fellowship Committee. Training for the program will take place on August 23-27, 2021 in the Denver Metro area, and Fellows will be paid at their full wage during the training period. Fellows will be employed at the full wage from this date and will work in the assigned office as a law clerk until bar exam results are received.

Fellows must be hard-working and motivated individuals with both a passion for prosecution and a genuine interest in providing an essential public service to Colorado’s rural communities as a prosecutor.

Questions? Contact the CDO to learn more about the program! The CDO is also here to assist you in completing your application materials.

By Elise Logemann
Elise Logemann Elise Logemann