Two Denver City Attorney Fellowships – Class of 2021

Two Denver City Attorney Fellowships (full-time, paid, postgrad)open to the Class of 2021- Deadline Thursday 4/8/21

Municipal Operations Fellow, Symplicity ID number 24629 (please see Symplicity for additional information)

The Municipal Operations Section serves as in-house counsel to nearly all City agencies and elected officials and performs a wide range of legal work, including drafting and negotiating contracts, preparing legislation and rules, advising boards and commissions, representing the City in litigation and administrative proceedings, and advising agencies and officials. Fellows may work on real estate and development, zoning, taxation, bankruptcy, construction law, environmental law, municipal law, and public finance matters.

Prosecution and Code Enforcement Fellow, Symplicity ID number 24630(please see Symplicity for additional information)

The Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section prosecutes all municipal ordinance violations and certain state misdemeanor offenses. A Fellow assigned to PACE might specialize in:

  • Criminal prosecution: A Fellow on this team would be representing the City in all cases in which the defendant has been accused of violating any Municipal Ordinance. These crimes can range from traffic offenses to crimes involving domestic violence.

  • Nuisance abatement

  • Excise and Licenses/Marijuana Team

All Fellowships are full-time positions

• Fellows must be members of DU Law’s Class of 2021.

• Fellows need not be admitted to practice law if they have taken the bar exam and are eligible to practice with appropriate supervision. However, Fellows who do not pass the bar on their first attempt may need to transition to different responsibilities or possibly out of the program, at the discretion and in accordance with the policies of the DCAO.

You may apply to as many of the DCAO Fellowships as you are interested in.

By Andrea Montague
Andrea Montague Career / Student Development Consultant