Virtual Appointment Check-In is Here

There is a new online process via Symplicity to check-in before each counseling appointment begins. Once you have checked in, you will receive a Zoom link for the appointment (or in the case of a phone appointment, the counselor will call you).
Checking in via Symplicity will make it easier for students to receive Zoom links and will also help ensure that appointments count towards CPD credit

Here are the instructions for checking in to appointments after December 17th:  

  • Log in to Symplicity and navigate to Counseling Appointment in the left-hand menu.
  • The Check-in button will appear 30 minutes before your appointment time (please check-in 3-5 minutes before the scheduled appointment time, if possible).

  • Once you have checked in, wait for your counselor to start the appointment: the Zoom link will then appear in a pop-up window in Symplicity.

  • When counselors have back-to-back appointments, there may be a short wait time.


By Colin Lambert
Colin Lambert Business Intelligence Officer - Expertise in Symplicity as well as other technical areas, including social media and database management.