IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: Working Off-Campus/In-Person Transitions

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and new Denver restrictions in place effective today, DU is now requiring all students working in field placements or jobs that present elevated COVID-19 transmission risk beyond what you encounter on campus (e.g. beyond low risk environments) to go fully remote.  If that is not possible to work remotely, presents a hardship, or compromises your education, you’re asked to attend DU activities remotely for the remainder of the fall term.  The CDO is available to help students prepare for conversations with employers in non-credit positions, in light of these changes. For assistance with externships for credit, please contact the Legal Externship Office. For questions on shifting to all Zoom classes, please reach out to Dean Wiersema,

Statement from the University of Denver, 10/27/20: For individual questions or exceptions on University policy, please email

By Ivey London
Ivey London