Facial Recognition & Privacy Seminar

The DU Privacy Foundation Presents – Facial Recognition & Privacy Seminar

Facial Recognition technology got its start in computer labs, driven by many diverse interests—academic curiosity, law enforcement, and national defense, to name of few. It has been fine-tuned over the decades for various applications, and facial recognition products are now emerging onto the marketplace. Along with the implementation of this technology, many legal issues have arisen; prominently among them is privacy.  This seminar will delve into some of the legal issues and privacy concerns associated with facial recognition technology. These include everything from the relatively mild problem of false negative identifications which prevent a smartphone from unlocking to the alarming number of false positives resulting in arrest or detainment of innocent people, ubiquitous surveillance, databases of biometric data, and the changing standards associated with the technology. Whether your business would like customers to be able to pay with a face scan, your client believes they have been discriminated against based on biometric data, or your company just wants to be in compliance with the patchwork of state, local, and international laws, this seminar will offer guidance and help clarify these issues.

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By Ivey London
Ivey London