Career & Professional Development Requirement (CPDR)

CPDR Description and Requirement

All JD students must complete the Career & Professional Development Requirement (the “CPD Requirement”) in order to graduate.  The goal of the CPD Requirement is to empower students in navigating curricular and career choices to help them discover and achieve their career goals and develop their professional identities. Please see the requirements for CPD completion below.

1L Component (for 1L full-time and part-time students)

  • Complete 5 qualifying career & professional development programs of your choice.
  • Qualifying CPDR programs will be designated on the CDO Blog, Denver Law Career Connection
  • You may replace up to 2 qualifying programs with individual career advising appointments in the Office of Career Development & Opportunities (“CDO”)
  • Transfer students are not responsible for the 1L Component of CPDR
Upper Level Component

  • Complete a minimum of 2 career advising appointments between 2L year and graduation
  • Phone or Zoom appointments are available

Transfer Students 

  • Transfer students are only required to complete the upper level component of the CPD requirement.

Note: For virtual appointments and programs via Zoom your attendance will be entered for you. For in person events, students are responsible for checking into each career advising appointment and qualifying program by entering their DU ID numbers on our I-Pad so that we can accurately track progress toward the CPDR.

Opting out of the CPDR

Students who have full-time, long-term postgraduate employment and are not seeking other employment may be eligible to opt out of the CPDR. Contact the CDO for more details: 303.871.6124, You may also contact Dean Bono directly at 303.871.6478,


How to Check your CPD Status

1) After logging in to Symplicity, click on the icon with your initials in the upper right corner and click on My Account.

2) Next, click on the Academic Profile tile:


3) Once there, scroll down to the section labeled Career & Professional Development Requirement Summary to see what you have been recorded as attending.

A statement of your CPD Status is visible at the end of that section:

Note: Since CPD is updated manually a few times a semester, the record displayed may not reflect events or appointments attended since the last student-wide update.

CPD Make-up form

Wondering how you can continue to earn credit toward the Career and Professional Development Graduation Requirement (CPDR) while we’re all staying at home?  For programs required during the 1L portion of the CPD requirement, you can watch qualified videos in the Videos section near the bottom of our website. The list of qualifying CPD events is attached in this post. You can use the CPD Make-Up Form to provide a brief summary of three things that you learned from viewing an event.

CPD Events (Past and Upcoming)

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