Colorado Public Defender Application Opens Sept 8

Class of 2021–applications open soon for The Colorado State Public Defender!

They will begin accepting applications for entry-level attorney positions on September 8, 2020, for openings beginning in the Fall of 2021.

There will be a lot of competition for these positions this year because of budget cuts. We highly recommend having the CDO review your application materials in advance of applying, and we recommend applying early. 

If you are interested in applying please send your cover letter, resume, three professional references and an original Legal Motion or a Brief Writing sample (preferably something related to criminal practice) to Carol Gutierrez at carol.gutierrez

Regarding references: We recommend that you send a reference list with contact information for three references outside of the PD system. The Public Defender has indicated that they will automatically check prior evaluations and talk to prior supervisors within the system, if you have interned for the public defender during law school. They are looking for three additional references to speak to. You may also list, in addition to your three independent references, the names of people inside the PD system who would be able to speak to your work. For example, if you worked closely with an attorney but that person did not fill out your formal evaluation, you may want to list them as a fourth reference. If you have questions about the reference sheet, or other materials, email

By Elise Logemann
Elise Logemann Elise Logemann