ACS Career Webinars: Loans, Clerkships, and State AG offices

Join ACS for these career sessions:

May 28th at 12:00 PM MST

ACS Career Series: Managing Student Loans During COVID-19

  • Do you have concerns about your student loans in this new economic environment? Join ACS and the Student Borrowers Protection Center for a discussion of student debt relief options. Kat Welbeck, the Civil Rights Counsel at SBPC, will give a presentation on different repayment options and how graduates can work to alleviate the burden of their student debt.
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June 2nd at 2:00 PM MST

ACS Career Series: Everything You Need to Know About Clerkships

  • Join the American Constitution for a discussion of clerkships. We will be joined by esteemed members of the ACS network who have had experience clerking in both federal and state courts. Our panelists will help demystify the clerkship process, provide concrete tips and resources, and discuss the important role that clerkships can play in one’s overall career path.
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June 4th at 2:00 PM MST

ACS Career Call: Working in the Office of a State Attorney General

  • Join ACS for a discussion about the variety of career opportunities in state attorney general offices, and how they can align with progressive values. We will hear from three attorneys who work in various roles in different state AG offices about their backgrounds, career paths, and what it is like to work for their state’s highest legal officer. These panelists will also provide tips and resources for others who are interested in pursuing careers in the office of a state attorney general.
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By Elise Logemann
Elise Logemann Elise Logemann