Summer “To-Do” Checklist: 6 Tips for Success

Tips for Summer & Job Search Success

As you head into summer after final exams, here are 6 Success Tips for your “To-Do” list that will serve you well throughout any type of job search, over summer and beyond:

  1. Finish the semester strong and put your skills to good use this summer – If you are still seeking or have questions about a summer position, reach out to the CDO for assistance. Check SYMPLICITY for new postings for summer and fall semester; we will continue to add as we hear from employers!
  2. Update your resume and include your summer position (bullets can be added/expanded throughout the summer). Keep a list of work projects this summer, as well as any articles, blogs, pro bono work, and coursework – these all add to your skills and experience for future interviews!
  3. Stay flexible, take initiative and add value where needed most – Employers greatly appreciate students who are resilient, positive, and willing and able to contribute to current (and shifting) organization/practice needs, even if different than originally anticipated. An excellent way to get a strong reference!
  4. Update or develop a new writing sample for future applications, next school year or post-grad. Check out Professor Anderson’s workshop on “Creating an Effective Writing Sample” on video HERE; reach out to Kate Stoker to set up an appointment for review/editing assistance,
  5. Reach out to attorneys in your areas of interest to set up phone/Zoom informational meetings (in-person when available). You will learn more about their organizations and practice areas and make good connections that could lead to a referral or position down the line. Reach out to the CDO for help with your email outreach or finding connections. We are in touch with employers and attorneys who are interested in meeting with you!
  6. Stay active and start/enhance a volunteer activity or interest/hobby. Great for adding to your resume!

Watch for more summer success tips and updates from the CDO (via email and Blog) regarding summer positions/projects, fall semester job postings, virtual programs/networking, OCI updates, and more. As always, schedule an appointment with us for assistance on any of the above through SYMPLICITY or by contacting

By Gayle Keahey
Gayle Keahey Director of External Relations