13 Job-Searching Tips for Law Students

Whether you are a law student, about to graduate, or have practiced law for several years, finding a new job can be intimidating and COVID-19 hasn’t made this any easier!  It may feel at times like there is nothing you can do but sit and wait. Naomi Beard Nelson has written a great article on job search tips for attorneys that will help you find the light at the end of the COVID tunnel.  Check out the article for full info on these 13 motivational tips!

  1. First, take heart
  2. Adjust your expectations
  3. Continue to track the market
  4. Lean into (remote) networking
  5. Play the long game
  6. Expand your expertise
  7. Build your brand like you’d build your practice
  8. Be poised to leap when opportunity knocks
  9. Seek support
  10. Cultivate resilience
  11. Be kind, especially to yourself
  12. Look at the big picture
  13. Help others, empower yourself
By Ivey London
Ivey London Ivey London