Legal Tech Startups – Career Paths to Consider!

Many students are asking the CDO which jobs are recession proof.  While there is no magic career path there are industries that could benefit during this time.  If we are in fact heading into a sustained economic downturn, companies and firms will be looking for less expensive legal resources.

“Startups in the legal tech or services market have traditionally had to go up against more robust legacy companies with an established toehold in law firms or legal departments. But the economic disruptions brought about by the spread of COVID-19 may be pushing firms and other consumers of legal services to consider pursuing less established—and in some cases less expensive—alternatives.”

If you are interested in a legal tech startup connect with the CDO staff to learn more!  If you are looking for other jobs that might benefit in a recession make sure to keep checking the blog for more article like this one.

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By Ivey London
Ivey London Ivey London