OCI Employer Updates & Reminders / Application Tips — Deadline to Apply is July 16

Why should you consider participating in OCI? 

Over 50 Employers and Growing!  

Take a look below at the types of employers participating this year:   

  • Larger Firms looking to hire for next summer 2020 (typically the only way to apply to these firms)
  • Medium and smaller firms (seeking for this coming school year and next summer), in various practice areas including family law, criminal law, labor & employment, construction law
  • Public Sector: District Attorney, CO Attorney General, State of CO Admin Courts, Miami Dade County, IRS (posting coming soon!)
  • In-House Opportunities: DISH, Hewlett Packard
  • Boutique and Non-Traditional Firms, Legal Service Providers: Partners Group, Investigations Law Group, The AR Group, Mountain States Legal Foundation, First American Title

 There are lots of opportunities outside of OCI for finding jobs, and we are here to help guide you wherever your interest lies. Every year, however, we hear from some students who didn’t think OCI was “for them” and wish they had applied to one or more of the employers. Some students apply to just a couple employers in their area of interest, others apply broadly to many of the employers. Take a look and decide for yourself!  See our OCI FAQs  attached for answers to common questions and reach out to us with YOUR questions. READ ON BELOW for important OCI deadlines and details on
applying. Reach out for assistance with your materials and know that we are here to support you throughout this process, and beyond!



  • July 9 (EOD):  Email your materials to the CDO (in WORD format)
    for review/editing assistance, to allow turnaround time before application deadline (taken in order received). This is optional but highly recommended!
  • July 16, 11:59 pm MTDEADLINE to submit your OCI applications online through Symplicity (OCI Session Fall 2019). NO
    exceptions or late submissions.
  • July 23: EMPLOYER EXPO
    5:00-6:30 pm in the Forum (no RSVP needed; interview
    attire required) – Mark your calendar and plan to attend!
    8:00-10:00 am/4:00-6:00 pm sessions.  Sign-up here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090945acaa2eaa8-denver10
  • August 5: First Day of OCI Interviews




  • NEW OCI EMPLOYERS have been added recently (and more are in the works today!). Some employers have updated their information and criteria. Keep reviewing the postings carefully, so you don’t miss an employer or important new info!
    You MUST change your profile in Symplicity to see the applicable OCI Employers for your class year. (Ex: Rising 2nd year students need to change profile from 1L to 2L.); make the change in the My Account |Academic tab, log out and log back in.
  • Be sure to READ the description/criteria to see for which offices a firm/employer may be interviewing, and also note whether the firm/employer
    has mentioned specific practice areas/groups for which they are seeking to hire. Tailor your cover letter more specifically, when applicable. Otherwise, you can mention practice areas of interest to you (litigation, transactional, corporate, healthcare, etc.). Be sure the firm/employer, and the Denver  office, does whatever you indicate! You may also indicate a general interest in gaining experience at the employer/firm as a whole, in a variety of their practice areas. 
  • Class ranking notifications will be forthcoming next week (anticipated July 8). For most employers, wait to submit your applications until you have
    this information. (Have resume ready with all but this info.)
  • See our CDO Handbook here for tips and examples on resumes and cover letters. Highlight YOUR strengths to tell your story, and why you are interested in the employer!
  • Triple-check cover letters to be sure they are labelled for each employer and appropriately addressed to that employer and contact at the firm’s address (don’t forget to change the employer name in the body of your letter wherever used). Address to the contact as Mr. or Ms. On the Dear line of
    the letter, say Dear Ms. Smith (not Dear Jane Smith or Dear Mrs. Jane Smith).  Use the firm contact name provided.  Make sure the law school name is correct on your resume and in your cover letters – Sturm, not Strum (yes, it happens!)
  • Provide each firm with only the materials each has requested. They have asked for what they want at this stage. DO make sure you have included all
    materials requested by each.
    Once your resume, all cover letters, writing sample, and unofficial transcript are finalized, save them as PDF documents BEFORE you upload
    them to Symplicity. This will save any errors in changes being made due to the upload. OCI applications are referred to as “bids”.  See application logistics below!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to submit all of your applications. It can take a bit longer than you think, depending on the number of your applications. You must apply to each employer separately through the OCI session.                      
  • NOTE to Rising 2LE Students:  Some of the OCI Employers ARE considering 2L-PT (2LE) students, so change your profile and take a look at those!  Many employers, however, are looking for positions for next summer (2020), and for those you will be best served to wait another year to participate in OCI, since you have two remaining summers (this is true for Dec 2021 or May 2022 grads).  If you will graduate early, and only have one summer remaining (2020), then do look at all the employers and consider applying!  You will need to change your profile to 3LE (or 2L if you are moving to FT program) to see the applicable employers. Take a look and then decide!
  • OCI APPLICATION SPOTCHECKS:  The CDO staff will be doing quick spot-checks on OCI applications July 17-18 to be sure all uploaded
    correctly, before employers have access on July 19.  WATCH YOUR EMAIL on these dates – if we notice anything that needs corrected
    on your applications, we will notify you and give you a chance to upload a corrected document before it is viewable by the employer. 
    will not be able to review for specific content at this time, but will try to catch any obvious errors we notice.

Instructions for OCI Application/Submission (Bidding):


  • After logging in to Symplicity, click on “OCI”, then select Fall 2019 in the Session filter from the drop-down to view the employers/postings.  To view additional information about an employer and the position they have posted, click on the “Review” button to the left of the employer listing.
  • Upload all requested documents in PDF FORMAT in the “Documents” section in Symplicity.  From the “Documents”  tab, click on “Add New,” name the document (unique, identifiable name for each), choose the document type (i.e., “Resume”), select the document you wish to upload, then click on “Submit.”  It is important to upload all documents in advance, otherwise Symplicity will not allow you to bid (apply) for OCI interviews.  You may upload more than one cover letter or resume. 
  • To create your Unofficial Transcript: Log into Pioneer Web and click on the law student tab at the top, then click on student info > transcript
    > view unofficial; from that page you can hit print and save it as a PDF document to upload to Symplicity.
  • To Submit a Bid (Apply), click the “Review” button to the left of the employer’s name.  From the employer’s page, select from the drop-down menu the documents (e.g., resume, cover letter, etc.) requested.  Be sure you select the correctly named document for that employer.  Once all of your requested documents are uploaded, click on the “Apply” button.


By Office of Career Development and Opportunities
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