Rising 3Ls, Apply Now! Colorado Court of Appeals Judge Grove Accepting Post Grad Law Clerk Applications

Judge Grove is currently accepting law clerk applications for two positions.  The first is for a term of approximately eighteen months beginning in February or March 2020; the second is for a term of two years, beginning in August or September 2020.   Please submit applications by mail and include (1) a cover letter; (2) a resume; (3) an official or unofficial law school transcript showing class rank; (4) a writing sample of up to fifteen double-spaced pages (an excerpt from a larger document is acceptable) that has not been edited by others; and (5) three letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be from someone (preferably a practicing attorney or judge) who has supervised the applicant in a professional environment.

Judge Grove would like the applications submitted by mail to him:

Honorable Matthew D. Grove
Colorado Court of Appeals
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center
2 East 14th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80203

If you have any questions about your application materials, please contact one of us on the CDO Clerkship Team: Judy Stein, jstein@law.du.edu; Andrea Montague, amontague@law.du.edu, Elise Logemann, elogemann@law.du.edu; or Eric Bono, ebono@law.du.edu

By Judy Stein
Judy Stein Career Consultant Judy Stein