Colorado Court of Appeals “Off-Cycle” Clerkship Opportunities Starting January, March, and May 2019!

Would you like to Clerk for the Colorado Court of Appeals?

The Colorado Court of Appeals is anticipating 6-8 Clerkship Opportunities starting between January and May 2019.  Applicants should submit his or her materials addressed to Polly Brock.  Candidates should provide  a cover letter (addressed to Ms. Brock), resume, law school transcript, college transcript (optional), writing sample unedited by any third-party, and at least three letters of recommendation.  Ms. Brock recommends that only one letter by authored by a professor, unless you have had additional experience with that professor other than being his or her student.  For example, you were the professor’s TA or you did research for that professor.

Polly Brock
Clerk of Court and Court Executive
Colorado Court of Appeals
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center
2 East 14th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 625-5164

Please let me know if you plan to apply and if you’d like our office’s help!

By Kristi Lush
Kristi Lush Career Consultant Kristi Lush