Opportunity to Learn about Employee Benefits Practice

Are you interested in practicing in the employee benefits space?

Would you like to learn more about what it might be like to practice employee benefits law?

The American College of Employee Benefits Counsel (“ACEBC”) offers a way to connect interested law students with ACEBC members for purposes of asking questions about employee benefits as a practice area.  You can find out what day-to-day practice is like from an experienced employee benefits attorney. It’s a challenging and enjoyable practice area–and the attorneys will share what they have learned and answer your questions about the practice.

ACEBC’s website includes a link with details on how you can contact ACEBC to participate: http://www.acebc.com/law-student-outreach

If you are interested in talking with an ACEBC member about employee benefits practice, please send an email to acebcfellows@outlook.com with your name, law school, email address, and phone number. The information will be passed to an ACEBC member who will contact you.  The discussion with the attorney volunteer is intended as informational only—it is not a job interview.

ACEBC’s website also includes information about their student writing contest: http://www.acebc.com/employee-benefits-writing-competition which you may want to consider participating in as well if you are interested in this practice area.

By Kristi Lush
Kristi Lush Career Consultant Kristi Lush