FBI Paid Legal Internship Program-Washington, DC-Summer 2019

FBI Legal Honors Internship Program – Office of the General Counsel in Washington DC for the Summer of 2019 (Open to students who are currently 1Ls and 2Ls)

The “application period” for the FBI’s 10 week Summer Honors Internship Program is now open on www.fbi.gov.  The online application period runs through October 14, 2018.  Within the online FBI application there will be a prompt to list the Office of General Counsel (OGC) as the student’s top choice.

These are paid internships and the location will be in Washington, D.C. at the FBIHQ J. Edgar Hoover Building.

Some of the assignments the law students have performed were: (1)  briefings on 2018  SCOTUS and US Court of Appeals cases to FBI agents and intelligence analysts; (2) briefings on state law issues relative to peace officer status/mental health issues and concealed gun carrying; (3) researching FBI and information sharing post 9/11 with state, local and private sector partners; (4) participating in two physical fitness programs per week; (5) participating in firearms safety and defensive tactics demonstrations; (6) visiting the US Supreme Court and DOJ’s Office of the Solicitor General; and (7) visiting Quantico (FBI Academy) and the Holocaust Museum.

Note to First Year Law Students: While 1Ls do not typically meet with the CDO prior to October 15, we will certainly work with anyone who’s applying to this program.

Tony Lang
Field Legal Counsel
FBI Office of General Counsel
935 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Room 7435
Washington, D.C. 20535
(202) 324-2868


By Andrea Montague
Andrea Montague Career / Student Development Consultant Andrea Montague