2018 Public Service Salary Report Available!


NALP 2018 Public Service Attorney Salary Report — Now Available on PSJD.org!

2018 Public Service Attorney Salary Report

Every four years, NALP asks public service organizations around the country questions about their compensation packages, analyzes their answers, and produces a report. For the first time ever, the Public Service Attorney Salary Report is available as an interactive web tool, which includes a series of visualizations that you can modify to meet your needs. These visualizations include tools for comparing:

  • salaries across geographic regions
  • salaries across different types of organizations, and
  • salaries reported in 2018 with those reported in response to the 2014 survey.

You will have to log into PSJD to view the report–as a student or alumni of Denver Law you can create a free account.

By Elise Logemann
Elise Logemann Elise Logemann