OCI Deadlines & Important Application Tips


  • July 9 (EOD):DEADLINE to submit/email your materials to the CDO for review/editing assistance (resume and 1 draft cover letter). Send in WORD format. We will take these in order received and turn them around as soon as possible.
  • July 16, 11:59 pm MTDEADLINE to submit your OCI applications online through Symplicity (OCI Session Fall 2018). NO exceptions or late submissions.
  • July 24:  EMPLOYER EXPO, 5:00-6:30 pm in the Forum (no RSVP needed; interview attire required)
  • July 26MOCK INTERVIEW DAY, 8:00-10:00 am/4:00-6:00 pm sessions; watch for info coming soon on how to sign up
  • August 2:  First Day of OCI Interviews


  1. NEW OCI EMPLOYERS have been added in the last two weeks and some employers have updated their information and criteria.  Review carefully, so you don’t miss an employer or important new info!  Note: Be sure to READ the description/criteria to see for which offices a firm may be interviewing (Ex: Merchant & Gould and Ballard Spahr ARE interviewing for Denver). Also note whether a firm has mentioned specific practice areas/groups for which they are seeking to hire, so you can tailor your cover letter more specifically.  Otherwise, you can mention practice areas of interest to you (be sure the firm, and the Denver office, does that), but keep a general interest in gaining experience at the firm as a whole.
  2. You MUST change your profile in Symplicity to see the applicable OCI Employers for your class year. (Ex: Rising 2nd year students need to change profile from 1L to 2L.)
  3. Class rankings and Law Review notifications will be forthcoming next week; wait to submit your applications until you have this information. (Have resume ready with all but this info.)
  4. Triple-check cover letters to be sure they are labelled for each firm/employer and appropriately addressed to that firm and contact at the firm’s address (don’t forget to change the firm name in the body of your letter wherever used). On the Dear line of the letter, say Dear Mr. Smith (not Dear John Smith or Dear Mr. John Smith).  Use the firm contact name provided.
  5. Make sure the law school name is correct on your resume and in your cover letters – Sturm, not Strum (gotta love auto correct!)
  6. Only provide each firm with the materials each has requested.  For example, if the firm did not ask for a writing sample, then don’t try to attach one to your resume or cover letter to get it in.  They have asked for what they want at this stage.  DO make sure you have included all materials requested by each.
  7. UPLOAD ALL DOCUMENTS IN PDF FORMAT:  Once your resume, all cover letters, writing sample, and unofficial transcript are finalized, save them as PDF documents BEFORE you upload to Symplicity.  This will save any errors in changes being made due to the upload.
  8. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit all of your applications.  It can take a bit longer than you think, depending on the number of your applications.  You must apply to each employer separately through the OCI session.
  9. NOTE to Rising 2LE Students:  Most of you will be best served to wait another year to participate in OCI, since you have two remaining summers (this is true for Dec 2020 or May 2021 grads).  If you will graduate early, and only have one summer remaining (2019), then do look at the employers and consider applying.  You will need to change your profile to 3LE to see the applicable employers.  There may also be some public sector employers or private sector seeking to hire for school year who will consider 2LE.  Take a look and then decide.
  10. OCI APPLICATION SPOTCHECKS:  The CDO staff will be spot-checking OCI applications July 17-19 to be sure all uploaded correctly, before employers have access on July 20.  WATCH YOUR EMAIL on these dates – if we notice anything that needs corrected on your applications, we will notify you and give you a chance to upload a corrected document before it is viewable by the employer.  We will not be able to review for specific content at this time, but will try to catch any obvious errors we notice.

More info/tips will be provided as we enter the next phase after applications – Interviews!


By Gayle Keahey
Gayle Keahey Gayle Keahey