Access to Justice through Modern Law Practice: March 27th

When? Tuesday, March 27, Noon to 1 pm

Where? Room 170

Meet the lawyers revolutionizing the practice of law in Colorado, expanding access to justice, and redefining what it means to have a successful and thriving law practice. Currently, about 70% of people believe they cannot afford an attorney.  As a result, a huge swath of the population with legal needs goes unserved by the legal profession.  This access to justice problem, however, presents a huge opportunity for the legal profession to better serve the public – especially for caring, committed, entrepreneurial lawyers who are willing to break the traditional mold and achieve a win-win outcome for clients AND lawyers.

Join lawyers from the CBA’s Modern Law Practice Initiative who will present a series of role play scenarios (and related discussions) illustrating how to serve clients in a way that focuses on their needs and budget while empowering lawyers to build thriving law practices.  Food will be served and Career & Professional Development Credit approved!

Please RSVP by Monday, 3/26 at:

By Office of Career Development and Opportunities
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