Colorado Public Defender Hiring 1Ls

Seeking a summer externship with the Colorado Public Defender? Apply ASAP to work on criminal defense cases for indigent clients this summer.

Application Materials:

Apply by sending an email to You must attach a resume and cover letter. Please include in the subject line, your class year, the time period that you are applying for, and a list of all the offices for which you would like to be considered.

Please include the following information in the body of the email:

§  If you have a preference for placement, please include that information and an explanation.

§  If you are applying to any office outside of the Denver/Boulder metro area (as described above).

§  If you are receiving a fellowship and/or a stipend.

§  If there is a reason (for example, fellowship deadlines) that you need to know whether you will be offered an internship by a specific date.

Interview Process:

The intern supervisors for these offices will conduct panel interviews of selected applicants.

Prospective interns seeking a summer Denver-Boulder metro-area unpaid internship will have their application transmitted to the intern supervisors for the following offices: Arapahoe, Boulder, Brighton, Castle Rock, Denver, and Golden. We begin accepting summer applications starting on November 1st until the positions are filled (usually mid-March).

By Elise Logemann
Elise Logemann Elise Logemann