Criminal Practice Pathways: The Hard Calls

Are you:

  • Wanting to know more about the moral and ethical dilemmas that arise in criminal practice?
  • Thinking critically about the hard decisions you’d have to make as a public defender or prosecutor?
  • Interested in Criminal Law, but unsure whether defense or prosecution is for you?

Join Senior Deputy District Attorney Tariq Sheikh and Assistant Director for Public Service Elise Logemann (former public defender and private defense attorney), for an in depth discussion of what it’s really like to practice as a public defender or prosecutor. Hear from both sides about the ethical dilemmas and hard calls that can shape your career.

This program is ideal for students of any year who are deciding whether they want to become defense attorneys or prosecutors, whether you’ve chosen your side of the courtroom or not. This is a great opportunity to broaden your perspective about the importance of daily decisions made in criminal courtrooms, hear what practice is really like, and think critically about what role you want to play and how you want to play it.

Free lunch! RSVP here to reserve your non pizza lunch. 

Approved for CPD credit. 

By Elise Logemann
Elise Logemann Elise Logemann