DUE Aug. 24th: OCI on Sept. 6th: U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: Honors Program Attorney Interviews

If you are a rising Denver Law 3L, 4LE, or a Tax LLM student with an interest in banking law, consider applying for an Honors Program entry-level attorney position with the OCC.

The OCC has offices in Denver, Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC, and they are recruiting for HP attorneys in all 5 OCC locations.

You must apply to this OCI opportunity through your Symplicity account from job posting #15280, pasted below for your convenience.  Please contact CDO Career Consultant John McKee if you have any questions! jmckee@law.du.edu.

Honors Attorneys, 2018-2019





Honors Attorneys, 2018-2019


United States Department of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Denver, CO)


Honors Attorney Program

CDO NOTE: On-Campus Interview Date at Denver Law: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 for one-year Honors Attorney positions beginning in Fall, 2018. The OCC interviewer will be Treana Bennett and interviews will be 40 minutes long. The OCC is recruiting for Honors Program Attorney positions in Denver, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Washington, DC.

The OCC’s Honors Attorney Program is a one-year program, followed by full-time employment, which provides substantive assignments while exposing the attorney to the breadth and depth of the practice areas within the OCC’s Law Department.

The OCC’s Honors Attorney Program assigns each attorney to a permanent position within the Law Department in the OCC’s Washington, D.C. headquarters office. During the first year, Honors Attorneys will rotate among different practice areas in the OCC’s Law Department, including one OCC District Office in New York City, Denver, Dallas, or Chicago. Travel expenses associated with the District Office rotation will be paid by the OCC in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulation.

During the one-year program, Honors Attorneys will learn about the diverse practice areas in the Law Department. Assignments will vary with practice area and may include taking a sworn statement, drafting an enforcement action, interpreting federal law or regulations, providing legal counsel to examiners, and analyzing the impact of current legislation on the institutions the OCC supervises. At the end of the first year, the Honors Attorney will have the opportunity to provide input into the attorney’s assignment within one of the headquarters’ practice areas. If the need exists, Honors Attorneys may have an opportunity to relocate to a District Office.

4D Guiding Principles:
The Honors Attorney Program is guided by the following 4D principles:
•Development – We are committed to developing attorneys with cross-functional experience and identifying a placement that both fits the Honors Attorney’s interests and strengths and the Law Department’s needs.
•Diversity – We actively recruit attorneys who add to the breadth of backgrounds, experiences, and perspective within the Law Department. The Law Department values diversity in all forms including gender, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, experience, and perspective.
•Dedication – We will support supervisors in managing and overseeing the workproduct of Honors Attorneys as well as support Honors Attorneys in achieving their work-related goals.
•One Law Department – Through open communication, respect, and collaboration across divisions, we will enhance our ability to provide excellent, timely, and consistent advice and products, and function as a cohesive Law Department.

Salary and Benefits

Salaries for recently hired entry-level attorneys were approximately $115,000 for Washington headquarters positions. Attorneys with judicial clerkship experience or attorneys who have already passed the bar exam may be offered a higher starting salary, taking into consideration prior experience as an attorney. The OCC also offers incoming attorneys up to $2,500 for a bar review course and $2,500 for relocation expenses when an applicant is required to move 50 miles or more for their work location. Additional salary information is available upon request.

The OCC provides one of the best benefits programs in government. Although part of the federal government, the OCC has a more flexible salary and benefits program than most other government offices. Many benefits are paid for by the agency, at no cost to employees, while others are generously subsidized. Employment with the OCC may qualify for federal student loan repayment programs.

CDO ID# 15280

Legal Department – Western District
Geographic Preference
Practice Area(s)
Banking, First Amendment, Public Interest
Desired Class Level(s)
3L, 4LE
Compensation Type
Paid – Salary
By John McKee
John McKee Career Consultant John McKee