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We are looking for an intern this Summer to assist in all phases of the Homeless Class Action civil rights suit against the City of Denver. All phases is inclusive of everything from hitting the streets to find class members  and take affidavits to direct trial preparation and litigation strategy; from going to a thrift store to buy a suit for a witness to generating sections of Our Opposition to Denver’s Motion for Summary Judgment. We want someone who doesn’t see impact civil rights litigation as a job, but as an existential vocation.

They will have free housing in an antifa communal space that is run around principles of mutual aid, so that they will immediately have a great community, friends and network of support.

They will have access to a car for when they want to escape into the mountains. Otherwise, we are located downtown and public transportation is very good

Along with the free housing and an office refrigerator that is open to them, they will be paid $160 dollars a week, but if we prevail and are awarded attorney’s fees, they will receive a significant bonus commensurate with their commitment and perhaps more importantly, very likely have a job with this firm (if they are a 2L.)

We want someone who brings joy to a highly stressful situation. Someone with organizational skills who can work with voluminous documents. The kind of person who can take a project, disappear for a day and come back with it completed.  The kind of person who doesn’t require supervision because they are deeply and personally invested in this work.

Please forward or post. I would like a short, human letter talking about resistance in this time in America and why fighting for the poor and dispossessed is important to them. Law students preferred. But would consider a graduate student focusing on issues affecting homelessness and public policy as this would bring a valuable perspective. Please include tech knowledge (Adobe Acrobat a plus), research ability, and any time that they have worked on and completed a complex project on deadline under pressure. A person who has no fear of jumping in to a serious situation with fundamental rights at stake – a  person who is comfortable on the streets, working with human beings experiencing homelessness and who are often mentally ill or living with drug addiction. There MUST be a comfort level here with regard to working with people in challenging circumstances.

They can write to me here.

Jason Flores-Williams, Esq
Law Firm of Jason Flores-Williams

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By Andrea Montague
Andrea Montague Career / Student Development Consultant Andrea Montague