Online Appointment Scheduling!

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Instructions (Symplicity Login Required):
To start making an appointment, log in to your Symplicity account and click on the ‘Counseling & Calendar’ link in the left nav. You can then click on the ‘Request New Appointment’ button.

You will be prompted to first select the type of appointment you are looking to have and then choose your parameters including date and time range. (1L’s looking to schedule their first Appointment should select ‘Initial 1L Meeting’)

The counselors available for the selected type of appointment will be listed.


You will be presented with available times and counselors.

Once you select a time slot, you can add notes and an attachment (like your resume or cover letter) before confirming the appointment request. You will receive confirmation from the system once your request is approved and also reminders for your appointment as the date approaches.

Please be aware that when scheduling an appointment online, it is a request so please make sure to keep a look out for a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email or have any other questions, please contact the CDO at

If you are unable to find a time on Symplicity that works well, email with your availability-ranges.

By Colin Lambert
Colin Lambert Business Intelligence Officer - Expertise in Symplicity as well as other technical areas, including social media and database management. Colin Lambert