Elephant Circle Law Firm (Reproductive Justice) Seeking Summer Externs/Interns

Elephant Circle is a multidisciplinary law firm. We work on a broad range of issues related to birth and reproductive justice. Our work takes place through community organizing, training, research, outreach, and provision of legal services. We love developing prototypes & innovative ways of addressing reproductive justice that can expand and grow through adoption by other organizations or shifts in policy.

A law student intern for Elephant Circle will be expected to support the caseload of the Director in every way, from calling clients, to writing up reports, to doing background checks, to preparing legal documents, and attending hearings. The intern will also be expected to support the multi-disciplinary work we do, whether that be helping to prepare an educational event or educational materials, preparing for or attending policy meetings, communicating with coalition partners, and supporting the internal functioning of the organization.

We require our interns to be highly self-directed and self-motivated. Experience with prototyping and innovation is preferred. Previous experience in education, social work, social services, doula services, or other human-centered direct-service is helpful.

Please submit a short (1 paragraph) description of why you want to work with Elephant Circle. Also submit a short description of how you handle failure (1 paragraph). Please also submit a resume or CV and a list of references. Submit applications to Mx. Indra Lusero, Esq at indra@elephantcircle.org

By Andrea Montague
Andrea Montague Career / Student Development Consultant Andrea Montague