Nov. 17: Volunteer Opportunity – Mock Congressional Hearing

On Thursday, November 17th, 8th graders at Slavens K – 8 school will participate in a mock Congressional Hearing from 8:00 – 10:30 am.  They will be putting a lot of effort into it and it will be a judged competition.  Volunteers are needed from 7:45 – 10:45.

During the hearing, students will be divided into groups.  Each group has researched a specific Constitutional concept, derived from the “We The People” civics Program.  At the hearing itself, the groups will present a 4 minute timed speech to the “judges”.  Following the speech, the judges will have 6 minutes to question each group about the content of their speeches.  The Judges will use a point scale to consider the quality of each group’s speech and the answers they provide to us during the interview. These points will be used to determine the winning group.

The following volunteers are needed for the event:

3 timers – these people will time each speech and will do the math for the judges as scores are assigned to each group.

9 judges/lawyers – these people will conduct the interviews following the speeches and will assign points for the quality of the kids’ speeches and their follow-up interviews.

This activity is part of our Civics curriculum at Slavens K-8 school.  If you feel like you can volunteer, please contact Marcy Stoddard at as soon as possible.  Messages can be left at 720-424-4190.  Please speak clearly when leaving your name and contact information.

Thank you,

Marcy Stoddard
Teacher, Social Studies

By Eric Bono
Eric Bono Assistant Dean for Career Opportunities Eric Bono