Class of ’18: Apply This Semester to clerk for Colorado Federal Judges

We recently called Federal District Court Judges in Colorado to determine which judges will be hiring clerks for the term beginning in fall 2018.  Students graduating in the class of ’18 should apply this semester for Federal Judicial Clerkships within Colorado.  Based on our calls, there is likely to be some variability as to when each judge begins reviewing applications, but to be on the safe side, we recommend applying as soon as possible this fall semester and then supplementing your pending applications with new information (e.g. new grades, awards, publications, etc.) going forward.

Before you apply, we recommend meeting with a member of the CDO’s Judicial Clerkship Team to identify which judges are hiring, go over the application process and to develop an overall strategy for your clerkship search. This would also be a good time to discuss the application process for the Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, which will be coming up this spring and summer.  The CDO Clerkship Team is comprised of Judy Stein,; Andrea Montague,; and Eric Bono,  To schedule an appointment with a member of the clerkship team, please drop by our front desk or email  If you’d like to see a list of Colorado Federal Judges who are hiring, feel free to email the clerkship team (please include all of us on the same email).

By Eric Bono
Eric Bono Assistant Dean for Career Opportunities Eric Bono