2016 Fall OCI Tips Regarding Call-Back Interviews

If you have landed a callback interview with a law firm, public interest organization, or government agency, congratulations! You are one step further in the interview process and closer to receiving an offer from that employer.  Keep these things in mind when scheduling your call back interview(s):

  • Respond promptly to any callback invitations to acknowledge receipt of the invitation (within 24 hours of the call, email or letter notifying you). Even if you feel overwhelmed and cannot yet schedule a date, call the employer and let them know you received the message and will call back in a day or so to schedule an actual date for the interview.
  • Once you have received a callback invitation, you should arrange to visit the employer on the earliest possible date. A delay could jeopardize your viability for an offer.
  • When you are making interview arrangements, you may ask how long the interviews are expected to last and if you could receive a schedule prior to the interview of the attorneys/staff with whom you will interview. Generally, allow 3-4 hours for each callback interview, including travel to and from the employer.
  • During the callback interview expect to meet several influential members of the employer’s organization with whom you may work in the future.

If you did not receive a call-back interview, please do not be discouraged.  Statistically, most students do not obtain postgraduate jobs through Fall OCI. In fact, generally, only large law firms make the majority of their offers through the Fall OCI process. For students seeking opportunities from all other types of legal employers — including small and midsize firms, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and judicial clerkships —self-initiated job searches, externships, and networking produce the vast majority of job offers. OCI should be only one part of your career planning and employment search and we are here to help you navigate all of the resources and opportunities available to you.

We look forward to meeting with and assisting you in your career plan and employment search!

By Colleen Scarola
Colleen Scarola Career Consultant Colleen Scarola