2016 Fall OCI Tips on Pre-Selection and Initial Interviews

Pre-Selection and Scheduling Interviews
First, the CDO thanks all of you for your professionalism and patience with the interviewing scheduling  process on Friday, July 29 with the delay in interview timeslots appearing in your Symplicity accounts.  You are a terrific group of Denver Law students and we appreciate it!

Second, now that the intial interviews offers have been extended and scheduled, please note that a number of OCI employers have not yet entered their preselection interviews.  The CDO recommends that student applicants check their Symplicity OCI account periodically for changes in your “Invitations” column.

Interview Symplicity instructions:
– Go to the OCI section and you will see a new “Invitations” column.
– Students offered interviews will see buttons for “Accept Preselect” or “Decline”.  If you were not selected for an interview it will not have these choices. (see the example below)
– If you accept your interview, then any and all remaining interview timeslots for that employer will be displayed for you to select – Interview timeslots are on a first come basis – No exceptions will be made.


NOTE:  If you are offered multiple interviews,  PLEASE DO NOT schedule back-to-back times on the same day.  Instead, try to maximize time in between interviews if you have more than one interview (the CDO recommends a minimum of 30 minutes in between interview times, preferably an hour).  After you select your interview slot, you must appear at the employers assigned Denver Law study room to interview at your assigned time.  If you have a conflict, you will need to see if another preselected student will switch interview times with you and then both of you must inform the CDO of the change.
To ensure you are able to sign up for a time that does not conflict with your class schedule, we recommend selecting an interview spot as soon as you are able to in Symplicity.

Interview Tips
Once you have been selected for an interview, you need to begin your preparation.  Please refer back to our previous blog post on preparing for on-campus interviews!  Additionally, please keep these helpful tips in mind as you prepare for initial interviews.

  • Know your resume. Every single word on your resume is fair game for the interviewer. Go over your resume line by line and make sure you are ready to answer questions about each item.
  • Research the employer in depth—their organization/office, areas of practice, number of attorneys, locations, diversity and representative clients.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early.  Better to be early than late! However, please keep in mind that based on our experience, employers tend to fall behind.  Therefore, please allow sufficient time for your interview.
  • Dress for SuccessInterview attire (suits) required.
  • Bring copies of your application materials to the interview.
  • Participate in mock interview day or schedule a mock interview with a CDO counselor.
  • Be YOU and be honest.  You should be professional, but not cold or stiff. Being a well-rounded, personable human being is important to being a good lawyer.  In addition, interviewers will assume that you researched their employer, but no one expects you to know everything about the actual practice of law or specific areas of practice. Pretending to know more than you do or overinflating your qualifications will make you seem less credible.
  • Ask questions. The interviewers are expecting you to have questions, so be prepared! It is always good to develop at least 3 questions using resources available to you such as the employer’s website, the attorney’s bios, or recent news.
  • Get a business card or write down the name of the interviewer(s) to send them a thank you note after the interview. On-campus interviews are extremely short screening interviews, and most employers are hoping to make their decisions under a tight timeline. Therefore it is usually not necessary—nor will you probably have the time—to write an individual thank you note for each initial interview.  In that case, sending a “thank you” email is sufficient.  Be sure to personalize the note to each interviewer, as they may all end up in one file.

While the OCI process can be daunting, please remember the CDO is here to help.  We are available to meet with you throughout the summer, answer your questions during the process, and assist you in your job search.  OCI should be only one part of your career planning and employment search.

We look forward to meeting with and assisting you in your career plan and employment search!

By Colleen Scarola
Colleen Scarola Career Consultant Colleen Scarola