1. Be prepared – Review information about the firm/organization, and the attendees when possible.  Plan questions to ask.
  2. Dress for Success – Interview attire (suits) required.  NO jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tennis shoes, flip flops, spaghetti strap or “revealing” tops or dresses.
  3. Leave cell phones and backpacks in car or locker.
  4. Bring:
    1. Copies of your resume (in case you are asked; or you want to leave it with an employer to whom you haven’t applied)
    2. Business Cards, if you have them (conservative/professional, not “cutesy”)
    3. Paper and pen to make notes of names, etc., for thank you notes and future interview
    4. Portfolio to carry the above
    5. A friendly smile, a confident handshake, and a positive/energetic attitude!
  5. Plan to have about 2 minutes or so with each employer.  Don’t monopolize their time.  If there is a line, come back around to ask a follow up question.
  6. Listen to their questions and answers and follow up on anything interesting.  Have a dialogue, not a monologue.
  7. Don’t drink or eat too much – don’t just hang out by the buffet.
  8. Watch what you say to friends or others “outside” of the employers’ presence – whether in the hall, at the buffet, in the restroom.  Employers will be observing you and listening, even after you leave their table.  They can also overhear what you say to the employer next to them!
  9. Follow up with a thank you note or email.  Make sure it’s short, sincere, personal, and “perfect” – don’t blow the interview by sending a note with a typo!  Better not to send one, than send a “bad” one.  Send ASAP before employers make their interview decisions.
  10. Be on your best “Host Behavior” – The employers are guests in OUR law school, let’s make them feel welcome!  Talk to employers, even if you haven’t applied to their firm/organization, especially if they don’t have anyone waiting to speak to them.
By Colleen Scarola
Colleen Scarola Career Consultant Colleen Scarola