Colorado Appellate Judicial Clerkships

Colorado Court of Appeals is now accepting applications for Judicial Clerkships as well as a few Colorado Supreme Court Justices.

Judge Terry Fox from the Colorado Court of Appeals reached out to us to say she has very few pending applications from our local law schools. Students may not be aware, but she strongly prefers to hire in-state students and will begin interviewing in early August, so now is the time for students to submit your materials if a judicial clerkship interests you. A majority of the Court of Appeals judges interview and hire over the summer.

Colorado Court of Appeals:

Colorado Supreme Court:

The Judicial Clerkship team (Eric Bono, Andrea Montague, and Judy Stein) encourage you to come see us to work on your applications. Please contact to set up an appointment

By Andrea Montague
Andrea Montague Career / Student Development Consultant Andrea Montague