New Symplicity Student Interface

symplicity new

DU Law Careers Online (Symplicity) has had its student interface updated! This new interface is sleeker, more intuitive, and mobile responsive meaning that it will be just as useful on your phone or tablet as it is on your laptop. The majority of the functionality is similar to the previous interface, however, a few things have been simplified for a better user experience. Some major changes include:

  • The navigation menu is now on the left side with the most used functions at the top
  • The jobs section has a sleeker look with a more simplified list and users will see the application deadline for jobs expiring in the next 7 days
    Symplicity jobs
  • Many actions will now be available when clicking on the 3dots Symplicity icon.  For example, clicking on this icon in the Documents section will give the options shown below –
    Symplicity docs
  • Please note that you will be prompted to update your profile information if you haven’t already done so!
  • See how to update your Profile Information
  • Take advantage of the new Search Bar
By Colin Lambert
Colin Lambert Business Intelligence Officer - Expertise in Symplicity as well as other technical areas, including social media and database management. Colin Lambert