The gem of Sturm College of Law

Changing careers is hard. I went into this with no legal background and two semesters under my belt. The Career Development Office is a true gift to Sturm College of Law. They taught me all I needed to know. Colleen and the rest of the team work hard to match me with potential employers and played an integral part in my success. The team educated me on the legal market and helped me get the interview that led to my current position at Messner Reeves LLP. I could not be happier. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. Thanks to the Career Development Office I get to go to work every day at an innovative firm that shares the same entrepreneurial spirit that I do. My advice? Be yourself. That is what is most important. Do not try and be what you think they want or it will never work. Get the interview, be yourself,  and when the right job comes along you will know.

By Josh Abromovitz
Josh Abromovitz