Judicial Clerkships in Reno, Nevada – Apply your 2L Year

2Ls and 3LEs, we want to alert you to potential clerkship opportunities for law school graduates in Reno, NV.   Reno is very similar to Denver, as it is desert like climate and close to the outdoors (actually much closer than Denver).  Reno is about forty minutes from Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which may be of interest to those students who are attracted to Denver for the outdoor scene. The  salary is extremely competitive  (on par with what many federal courts pay), and the cost of living is very  reasonable.

Apply to each judge individually in the State Court level for Washoe County, Second Judicial District (Reno).   The Judges can be found on https://www.washoecourts.com.  There are Family Court Judges and Judges of General Jurisdiction.  The Family Court Judges tend to hire clerks for longer terms, so they may or may not have availability.  The General Court Jurisdiction Judges either hire for one or two years, depending on the judge.

Judges generally ask for a transcript, writing sample, cover letter, resume, and references.  They hire very early, much like in the Colorado Appellate Courts, with many of them hiring in July, over a year before the clerkships begin.

If you have any questions, please contact Judy Stein, jstein@law.du.edu, and I will put you in touch with a recent Denver Law grad who is clerking there now.




By Judy Stein
Judy Stein Career Consultant Judy Stein