Are you a Military Spouse or Family? Take a look at The Military Spouse JD Network

The Military Spouse JD Network is a military spouse bar association that advocates against law licensure barriers nationwide, a worldwide military spouse attorney networking community, and also operates with the Military Spouse J.D. Foundation that provides pro bono services for military families nationwide.

See the MSJDN Info Sheet for full details

A Bar Association for Military Spouse Attorneys, MSJDN supports military spouses by :
● Advocating for licensing accommodations, including bar membership without additional examination;
● Educating the public about the challenges facing military families;
● Encouraging employers to hire military spouses; and
● Providing a support network.

MSJDN consists of an international network of military spouse attorneys, including spouses of active duty and retired Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy service members, as well as Reserve and National Guard spouses.
MSJDN Info Sheet

By Colin Lambert
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