Lecture on SCOTUS – Dr. Jonathon Turley

Hot topic! While many are opining the future of SCOTUS, we have an opportunity to hear one of the best and brightest minds in the legal world today who just happens to live in D.C. and will be visiting Denver next week.

Dr. Jonathon Turley is a nationally recognized legal scholar, professor at GW Law School and authority on Constitutional Law. He has made it his trademark to know more about The Supreme Court than any scholar thought possible. In light of the untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia, he is positively going to have an opinion as to how and when the next judicial candidate should be proposed and chosen. Jonathon will give a very genuine look into the history of the Supreme Court and its interpretation of the Constitution, while scaling the fine live of right vs. left. His students at George Washington Law School clamor to get into his classes and some never do get the opportunity to experience him as a teacher. He is known for his charm, wit, knowledge and reputation as a SUPREME LITIGATOR! His local connections include The Aspen Institute, Counsel to the Rocky Flats Grand Jury and now, Town Hall of Denver, Inc. bringing exciting speakers to Denver since 1955.

It is often said that “Timing is everything.” We certainly think so as to the timing of this appearance by Dr. Turley on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, at 10am – 11:20am. Lecture will be held at Bethany Lutheran Church at the corner of Hampden and Dahlia in Englewood. CO.

DU Law students/faculty will be admitted for $10 (normally $30) when they mention DU Law at the door. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hear one of the foremost legal scholars of our time who is continually featured as an expert legal commentator on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN and also USA TODAY columns.

And, of course bring your questions for this lively lecture and Q & A!

Additional info/questions:

Jean Hodges 303-698-0230 Town Hall of Denver

By Eric Bono
Eric Bono Assistant Dean for Career Opportunities Eric Bono