Offers to Summer Associates are Trending up

According to this article in the National Law Journal, Full-Time Job Offers to Summer Associates are on the increase.  See Full-time Job Offers to Summer Associates at Highest Rate in Decade, National Law Journal. The article focuses on the nationwide outcomes from the 2015 summer associate classes, primarily in larger law firms, which tend to hire through summer associate programs.  Based on data from the National Association of Law Placement (NALP), 95% of summer associates received a full-time, postgraduate offer. 

This is good news!  It suggests that larger law firms are doing a good job of matching their summer associate hiring to their predicted entry-level hiring needs and that law students are performing well in their BigLaw summer associate positions (which are really summer-long auditions for permanent jobs).  That said, whether you anticipate spending your summer in a law firm, working in a government office, working for a judge, or anything else, we want to make sure you know what to expect and how to make a great impression on your summer employer right from the beginning.  To schedule a time to get tips from the CDO on how to make the most of your summer (or for any other reason) just drop by our front desk or call 303.871.6124. 
By Eric Bono
Eric Bono Assistant Dean for Career Opportunities Eric Bono