Tips and Information for Mock Interview Day

Mock Interview Day is tomorrow! Please review the information below to ensure you have a successful mock interview.

1) Treat your mock interview as you would any other interview. Dress for success (interview attire required), research your interviewer, and be professional!

2) Email a copy of your resume to the interviewer prior to the interview. Also, make sure to bring a copy of it to the actual interview.

3) Check in for your interview in the CDO, Suite 223. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.

4) Know your resume. Be able to talk about everything listed on your resume.

5) Send a thank you note or email following the interview to your interviewer.  Make sure it’s short, sincere, personal, and “perfect” (free of typos!)


Mock Interviews

By Colleen Scarola
Colleen Scarola Career Consultant Colleen Scarola