Five Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

interview tips

Want to know how to ace your next interview? Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in your interview:

1) Research the employer and position. Review the employer’s website, articles about the employer, talk to alumni that currently work or have worked there.

2) Know your resume. Be able to talk about everything listed on your resume.

3) Practice. Conduct a mock interview with a career consultant to practice your answers to common interview questions. Have specific examples from your experience and educational background to show the employer why you are a great fit.

4) Dress professionally and be mindful of body language. Your attire should reflect your professionalism and contribute to your confidence level. Your body language should reflect a positive and confident (but not arrogant) attitude.

5) Ask questions. It is important to ask questions of the interviewer(s) because it shows not only are you prepared but also that you are genuinely interested in the employer and position.

By Colleen Scarola
Colleen Scarola Career Consultant Colleen Scarola