What is Public Sector Law?

Did you know that public interest lawyers are the happiest lawyers?  Working in the public sector includes working for a government agency (federal, state, local) non-profit organization, or academia.  Public Sector Lawyers enjoy an excellent work-life balance.  In a recent study, “lawyers in public-service jobs who made the least money, like public defenders or Legal Aid attorneys, were most likely to report being happy (George Washington Law Review, February 2015 Vol. 83 No. 2).”

Examples of public sector jobs obtained by recent Denver Law graduates:

·         Civil Rights/ Civil Liberties Law ·         LGBTQ Rights
·         Environmental Protection ·         Education Law
·         International Human Rights ·         Election Reform
·         Consumer Protection ·         Criminal Defense/Criminal Prosecution
·         Poverty Law ·         Juvenile Law
·         Employees’ Rights ·         Disability Law


CDO Public Sector Team:

Andrea Montague, Judy Stein and John McKee
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By John McKee
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