What is JD Advantage?

Are you considering a career that does not involve the traditional practice of law? Wondering how you can use your law degree to obtain non-traditional lawyer jobs?  Consider exploring the growing opportunities in JD Advantage careers.  But first: what exactly does a “JD Advantage” job mean?

Definition of “JD Advantage” American Bar Association (ABA):
Jobs … for which the employer sought an individual with a JD, and perhaps even required a JD, or for which the JD provided a demonstrable advantage in obtaining or performing the job, but are jobs that do not require bar passage, an active law license or involve practicing law.”

Examples of growing trends in JD Advantage jobs

  • Industry types: Compliance, Health Care, Contracts Administration, Privacy

JD Advantage Article:

CDO JD Advantage Team:

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By John McKee
John McKee Career Consultant John McKee